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I first became interested in employee life cycles as the president of a company in an industry that was project based. When I first started at this company, we were squeezing everything we could get out of our employees to get a higher profit margin at the end of the job. And that was perfectly normal for the industry we were working in. It was all blue collar, craft based work, where the employees were basically seen as irrelevant and like they didn’t matter.

We decided that we were going to focus on our culture and work environment as a company and ensure that our employees were happy. This was actually laughed at by our competitors and others in our industry.

Five years later, that company has scaled from 9 million in revenue to 65 million. The number of employees that we hired literally doubled every single year. When we began to look at people as our most important product and resource, we began to see company leaders and representatives develop, instead of disgruntled employees who were just another number. Our employee’s attitude and work ethic were so good in comparison to the rest of the industry, that our clients started booking us back to back. Some of the clients in our industry have actually shared with us that “your people are so good, we are never letting you go.”

Since that transitional moment, I have helped multiple organizations create thriving work environments, and in every organization we have seen an increase in morale, profit margins, health, and the overall happiness and peace of ownership. It doesn’t matter if your company is a start up with one part time employee, or a corporate conglomerate, I can help you build a better culture, with happier employees that will lead to increased productivity and increased profits in the long term.

I hope to speak with you soon,

Landon Snow

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