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When fostering a healthy workplace it is so vital to employees that you maintain an air of stability, both logistically and emotionally. Employees need to feel safe and that they can trust you in order to perform their best, which an only be done by you properly managing yourself. As the manager, your attitude will dictate the atmosphere of the workplace. If you are angry and stressed, employees will be angry and stressed. If you are chaotic and disorganized, employees will follow suit. That is why regardless of what is going on inside or outside of the office, it is important for you to always remind yourself the power that you hold over the atmosphere of your work environment.

The first key to creating consistency is through routine. It is your job as the leader to establish a daily routine for yourself and your employees that is consistent and effective. If you can discipline yourself to accomplish certain tasks or meet certain criteria everyday, your employees will know what is expected of them as soon as the enter the workplace. If they know your daily expectations and you stick to them, it will make for a more peaceful work day. This can look like having a structured schedule, or a task chart posted, or simply communicating your weekly routine to the employees and keeping them accountable. It will vary from company to company, but find what works for you and stick with it.

The second key to consistency is maintaining emotional stability. You should never have to resort to anger, fits, or screaming to communicate your expectations. There are are always healthier ways to discuss conflict. If you are a loose cannon in front of your employees, you will not have their trust or their respect. The person who is in self-control is always the most powerful person in the room. As soon as you start screaming, you are telling your employees that you are no longer in control. It also makes it acceptable for this kind of conflict to manifest all over the workplace. If you want to create a peaceful, steady work environment, you have to work at creating a space where everyone is in control of their emotions, and that begins with you. You have the power to decide if you are going to act out of stress, fear, anger or disappointment, or if you are going to stay in control. It creates stress for employees if they never know what version of you they are going to encounter in their workday. So, if you want a healthy, thriving work environment, you have to decide that that is more important than acting on what you feel.

Strong, consistent, management can shift the entire workplace.