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Executive coaching

Our highly qualified team of coaches works daily with executives and high potential employees to help them increase self-awareness, set and clarify goals and expectations, achieve development objectives, assist in unlocking their potential, and act as a sounding board.


Get strategic with Personnel and Productivity. Our personnel consultants are experienced in understanding personality assessments, workplace dynamics, and conflict resolution. We can provide insight on lateral transfers, adding employees with needed skillsets, or transitioning employees out of a workplace where they just aren’t thriving, and into better opportunities more suited to their skills and personality.




Snow Consulting can assist you in defining a mission, vision and core values that actually fit your company’s personality and structure. Once defined, our expert communication teams can develop a recruitment, training, and internal promotions and integration strategies that ensure your company functions the way that you want it to.


Our executives will meet with your teams in person and provide leadership trainings that are specifically designed and tailored to your company. We do not do “cookie cutter” team building exercises, we study your leadership style, your company and your operations strategies to create a training that provides maximum impact for your organization.



Our Human Resources Technology Team has years of experience in locating, implementing and utilizing cutting edge technology solutions for business. Our technology consultants can provide you with insight into software solutions that can solve your biggest headaches and hold points.