Ask Great Questions

In Greek philosophy, Socrates was considered one of the greatest teachers of his time. He believed the key to creating an environment that encouraged learning and discovery was to constantly ask questions. We can take the same approach to creating a thriving business culture. It is easy, as the leader, to assume you know the answers. However, being in leadership does not automatically give an employer a clear picture of what is going on within the company. The only way to truly know your goals and expectations are understood and being successfully carried out, is to ask great questions.  

Asking great questions goes beyond yes or no answers. It’s more than asking, “Do you understand?” A great question is open ended and creates space for an employee to communicate their understanding. A good employer will constantly dialogue with their employees, discover how their goals are interpreted, and identify areas they can improve. The employer may be the one creating the big picture, but the employees are involved with the details every day. This up-close view gives them a different perspective, which provides them with an opportunity for new ideas. Great employers take those perspectives seriously and value the contributions of their employees.