Leaders Multiply Themselves

One of the most telling signs of a business’s success is how well the company functions when it’s leadership is not present. It is fantastic that you have a great vision and are working harder than anyone else to ensure your company’s success, but you are not the star of the show. If you are assuming responsibility at your business that you can train someone else to do, then you are not setting your company up for success. The sign of a great leader is someone who can step away from the company and it appears that he never left.

You don’t want employees that need you to dictate their every task and feel dis-empowered when you are not around to give them feedback or responsibilities. This is a sure way to create a codependency between you and your employees.


Codependency in the workplace is just as damaging as in relationships. It might make you feel very important for a time, to be heavily depended on in your company, but eventually you will be exhausted and your employees will suffer, because they don’t know how to take responsibility for themselves. You want to create an atmosphere where your employees are confident, knowledgeable, and as bought into the vision as you are. Employees that are empowered will drive your business towards success when you’re there and when you’re not.