Leaders Take Responsibility

Once you have the vision and have motivated your staff to get on board, I can almost guarantee at some point you will hit a snag. I’m not trying to discourage you or speak negatively, it's just a part of business, and life for that matter. The thing is, a mistake, no matter how huge, does not have to derail your business. The best way to ensure that you and your staff make a smooth recovery in the midst of a roadblock is for you to take full ownership. It’s not about taking the fall for someone else's mistake or even trying to assign blame on to yourself, it is about maintaining relationships and re-establishing vision.

The truth is, you are 100% responsible for all of the happenings inside of your business. You dictate the vision, the culture, the daily functions, and everything in between. So, the when there is a mistake, even if you took no part in it, it is up to you to make sure that it is corrected.

Maybe this sounds like a less than attractive approach to conflict. Maybe it feels like you’d appear weak in the eyes of your employees if you admit fault, but the truth is, going on a witch hunt to assign blame or shrug responsibility onto the shoulders of your employees is not only immature, but it is much weaker. If you choose to take responsibility, it not only encourages respect, it allows you to get to find a solution to the conflict a lot sooner. So when something isn’t running how you would like, your response shouldn’t be, “My people don’t do _________ .” It should be, “How can I better lead my people to do ________?”