As an employer, I’m sure you are aware that most of your job revolves around this topic of leadership. Your ability to lead well is absolutely the determining factor for your success. A business rises and falls on the shoulders of it’s leadership, so it is vital that you do it well.

In business, we hold great value for people who can not only run a company, but lead those beneath him with excellence. But what does that look like? How does a business owner, operator, or manager go from simply running the business, to truly and successfully leading his employees? We often think of a great leader as someone with charisma and vision, that can motivate people to follow them, in a way that is seemingly effortless. I can tell you though, that those things, are only scratching the surface of what it truly takes to lead well.


Leaders Are Influencers
John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” This is true. Your ability to influence others will determine the trajectory of your business. Leadership in it’s most basic form is the ability to transfer your vision into reality through influence. When we talk about influence I’m not necessarily referring to the charismatic visionary we mentioned earlier. While your vision is vital to influencing well, and being positive and confident is always helpful, you do not have to count yourself out of being a positive influencer if you don’t think your personality will fit the bill. Being an effective influencer, and therefore, an effective leader, is all about being one hundred percent bought into your own vision, and into the lives of those that will help you carry it out. There are plenty of charismatic people that never see success because they either didn’t know where they were going, or didn’t know how to maintain relationships with the people who would assist their vision. The key is not charisma, the key is vision and serving.