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The Win/Win Method

Some of the biggest misunderstandings in communication come from not having a clear goal or purpose in mind. In companies with thriving cultures, communication is a currency. At the backbone of a successful business is usually a shared understanding that is created by people asking great questions, and using clear, concise communication. This kind of communication generally starts from the top and works its way down.

If we as employers do not have clear objectives in meetings or discussions with employees, we will not have very fruitful conversations. Using a tone that sends the message “We are on the same team” goes a long way. We need to know our goal, establish our goal, and communicate it with accuracy. By establishing the goals of the conversation in advance, we build a safe structure for the conversation that fosters clarity and understanding. Preparing for a conversation in advance has the same advantages as preparing an annual budget. A clear, shared plan sets everyone involved up for success.

 Another huge part of successful communication comes with monitoring our emotions before we communicate. As leaders, we set the tone in our company. When we communicate that our goal is to see everyone on our team thriving, others will follow suit. It’s hard to communicate a thriving message if we are striving with negative emotions. But when we go into a conversation and set an example of keeping our emotions in check, no matter the conversation, it sets a high bar for everyone on the other end of our communication. When one person succeeds, we all succeed. My goal is to practice healthy communication and show support for everyone in the company in order to cultivate productivity.