What is Driving Your Culture

What is driving your culture? Fear or trust? Most organizations have used fear tactics for years. It has become somewhat normal. However, fear driven cultures are going to become a thing of the past. The American workplace is evolving on a national level. The information available through social networking and the internet has educated people that in the current job market, you do not have to be managed by fear. One of the biggest signs of a fear led organization is high employee turnover. People are leaving organizations with this style of management in droves.

So as we examine our leadership styles in today's competitive market, we need to make a serious examination. Are we leading from fear or are we leading from trust? We need to start asking questions like “How do people feel around me? And is my culture one where people do things a certain way only because they’re afraid of the consequences? Consequences really do produce short term results. But fear is toxic. It limits everything from creativity to motivation to productivity. If you motivate by fear, your brand and your culture will always diminish.

People talk outside of the workplace and if they’re outside of the workplace you have brand ambassadors. People are talking about your organization, if it’s fear driven everyone talks about it and no one wants to work there. We can actually accomplish better results through good communication and healthy deadlines. Leaders who communicate their needs with healthy deadlines find that they don't need to yell and scream. They don’t need to use anger as a form of fake authority. They don’t need to micromanage and control. Fear drives people away.

Trust is a much more powerful tool than fear. When lead by example and we demonstrate trust, it becomes currency. Our trust in our employees results in greater trust in us and greater creativity within themselves. And then advancement happens, because people feel like they are trusted to come up with better ideas and better perspectives.  It’s amazing what the human potential can do, when people are given space to create. When you trust someone, they begin to think outside of the box and come up with unique ideas from their unique perspectives that makes the organization better. But this can only happen in a safe environment where trust is the glue keeping it together. A thriving organization is an organization that has trust at the center of all of its operations.